A Day in the Life8 Comments

Off to the high country tonight to try and get my acclimatization on before the race…

Been tapering all week which means a lot less volume. Just some 5 milers a day. Been sleeping a ton. As in not waking up on my own in the morning but being disturbed to be woke up by something. Finally, I think it turned this morning when I was up at 6 with no where to go. Oddly, today my legs felt painless. A sensation I rarely get anymore it seems. I feel a bit plump from the rest but otherwise, nothing to complain about. A few little striders over the next few days in Leadville then go. Felt good to taper. Originally, I was just going to power into the weekend. See what it brings.

Anybody else ever been attacked by these red-winged blackbirds? My family does not seem to believe me. They sit up high on telephone lines right on my first dirt road of my run. They have a pretty chirp. You run by not thinking anything. Next thing you know, they dive off the line and swoop right down at your head and flap their wings. You think a plane is going to land on your head. They never hit you it seems. Just scare tactics. Tried to throw rocks at them but I am no all star. Used to have them elsewhere on my run but they kind of stayed to the side. These new ones are pissy.

I have kind of had a shitty week on many fronts. One of those where you just get beat down because nothing goes right and you can’t seem to fix it all at once. Sort of feel like the last thing I want to do is race on Saturday. But hopefully, I can channel this angst just a bit and turn it into the motivation I need to PR this course on Saturday. The bar is kind of low since my previous run was 2009.