Run: Green – Bear – Green (15.00 mi)

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We stayed down low this weekend for some reason so I had to hit trails here. This was kind of good because I haven’t run in Boulder OSMP in like 2 months? Work, trips, life. Oh well. So I got down there on Saturday morning to find the usual gaggle of summer folks all over the place. Its sort of motivating for a while to see others on the trail. Find myself playing games like catching those people up ahead or staying in front of some other runners. Keeps my mind busy. I think all the usual suspects were up at the Dirty 30 racing. I have never done that race. I saw pics and people were in coats. No thanks.

I went up the back of Green first. It fucking hurt. My calves felt like they were tearing. I am not a limber person and when I am off steep stuff for a while, it catches up to me. So it was slow going but I told myself at least I was working and that was the game plan. After tagging the top, I ran out to Bear via West Ridge. I haven’t been on this since the fire. Found myself walking and taking a few pictures in the burn area. Kind of freaky out there. Green plants are starting to bud but the trees look fried.


When I got to the Bear summit it was a cluster. There were over 30 people on top. I almost skipped the summit but decided to try and scramble over the top of them to finish the tag. Then I went down via Fern. It was pretty choppy for me. My feet are not dialed into the steep downhill after the hiatus. However, I had a running motion going and I seemed to look superhuman to all the Saturday hikers I was buzzing by. Hit the Mesa Trail and thought WWTD? Swung up Bear Canyon back to Green. Ah, nothing like going back up and and feeling like a machine on your 2nd summit. I was actually moving better every hour I was out there. First hour felt like I should quit. Second hour felt less like death. Third hour felt familiar and smooth. Fourth hour I was in a groove. I had new kicks on today too. These things were sticky. Like almost La Sportiva Crosslite sticky. I kind of liked it.


Not to be outdone by GZ, I got my pool setup when I got back from the run in like 22 minutes. I am a god damn professional pool puter up’er. Too bad the water freezes your nuts off. I wasn’t silly enough to go in yet. Maybe sometime in July.


Racing in 4 weeks? Phew. Maybe I can call it a training run like the cool guys do.

I went 15.00 miles with an elevation gain of 5,653 feet in 04:00:01, which is an average pace of 16:00. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.