Lack of Leadville

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Since ski season ended for us around spring break, we haven’t been back to Leadville. Frankly, its no fun up there when you can’t ski or you can’t enjoy dry trails. The spring and fall are not my favorite seasons there. Locals refer to them as “mud season”. So we stay down low and build up momentum for extended stays … Read More

Run: Sunnyvale to Stanford and Back (20.30 mi)

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Got back to the hotel from work. No family obligations. Work was done. Hmmmm. I had this nagging feeling all week since I punted on my 20 miler on Sunday out of lethargy. So let’s do it now. Where to go? Part of my problem sometimes is just getting the route figured out that makes sense. Something with round numbers. … Read More

Run: Rancho San Antonio (8.70 mi)

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My new place of employment in the Bay Area has me over to the west further. I used to hit the east side mountains before or after work for my dose of trails while in town. Now its a little far and much more traffic in between. I need another option. Well, those on this side of town always talk … Read More

Leadville Night Run – Mark Your Calendars

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Attention Leadville runners and friends, I will be hosting another annual LT100 Night Run this year. Same deal as last year, mostly. Show up at my house in Leadville around dinner time. Hang out, fuel up (lightly), then lace up. We will shuttle runners 4 miles over to Fish Hatchery to save you from dreaded pavement miles. We will then … Read More

What Is It You Do

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For those not in the collection industry, its sometimes hard to explain what Local Counsel Collective does. I have various versions where I say its like this or that but for lawyers. However, now we have a professionally produced video like all the other cool kids with stick people and all! So now I will just show this video when … Read More