Run: Baltimore Inner Harbor (7.24 mi)

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After arriving in Baltimore, I got out to see the city on foot. That has become such a tradition and I haven’t been to anywhere new in quite a while so it was fun to explore a bit. Downtown is nestled around a small bay which has a nice area surrounding it. There are many shops and attractions. Lots of … Read More

Seether @ Fillmore / Denver, CO / 2012

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If you keep asking, once in a while, you get lucky. So I always ask Kim if she wants to go to rock shows with me. I usually get a big “nah” and then come home to find her asleep or in bed watching some chick flick. What happened to the girl that introduced me to Metallica? I guess she … Read More

Daily Diversion

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This is an oldie but I just ran across it on YouTube and wanted to post. Not sure if my Dad ever saw this one.