Run: Fort McHenry (8.01 mi @ 08:32)

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After being turned away from the closed Fort previously, I returned during the day on my next run. I knew the route this time so there was less dicking around. But man, urban running sucks. Ducking cars and stop lights. Anyway, I got out there and they wanted $7 to go into the Fort. Nah. I just wanted to jog around and peek. I don’t have time for the full tour. And I love how the $7 gets you in as much as you want for 7 days. Maybe at a National Park but here its a “leave the car running” sort of stop. I took the outer loop around the Fort to get a good look around. Nice cannons.


On the way back, I saw something cooler in the harbor. This big ship had pulled in. It was from Brazil apparently. We just got attacked by Brazil I guess. And the cannons at the Fort were covered up and we didn’t attack back.


5 minutes from the hotel I got a call from my team. Our DB server just went down. Oh good. We have demos in a few hours. Nothing like a good crisis to end a run.

I went 8.01 miles with an elevation gain of 50 feet in 01:08:16, which is an average pace of 08:32. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.