Seether @ Fillmore / Denver, CO / 2012

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If you keep asking, once in a while, you get lucky.

So I always ask Kim if she wants to go to rock shows with me. I usually get a big “nah” and then come home to find her asleep or in bed watching some chick flick. What happened to the girl that introduced me to Metallica? I guess she had 3 kids. As soon as these venues allow me to take kids (16 and over here), I will take all the ladies that want to go.

Anyway, Kim bit on the invite so I got a babysitter and we were off. Had dinner down in LoDo then proceeded to the Filmore. I wasn’t needing to see the early acts of Evil Empire, Kyng, and Sick Puppies. We arrived in the middle of the Kyng set. Ugh. Kill time. Sick Puppies was OK but I am not up on all their stuff. Will need to dig in a bit later on. Good set though.

Finally, Seether was up. They started with “No Jesus Christ” which was a great choice. Its like my 2nd favorite song of theirs. I saw these guys at a festival a few years ago and promised to see them headline when they came back to town. Tons of songs that everybody just knows. Lot of radio play. I hope Kim enjoyed it. I did. Even though I was forced to be mid-floor out of the sweaty spot I usually lay claim to. It was OK but let’s not make a habit of it. I like it up front.

On our way out of the Filmore, Colfax Ave was taped off with police tape. All cars were stopped and there was one car sitting there with the window all smashed in…in a body formation. There were a pile of clothes in the street and a shoe. Hmmm. We walked 100 feet past and saw another shoe about another 100 yards down the street. The match! Somebody didn’t look both ways I guess. Nothing in the paper the next morning.

Thanks for joining me, Honey. Maybe next time?

Before you hedge those bets you placed against me

Be reticent of fortunes they foretell

Your verbal defecation i can’t wash away despite myself

Your vanity, it seems, has served you well