I Voted

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…by mail, again. My neighbors are all breaking out the signs. So I felt like I had to join in the fun once again. This doesn’t really result in any political discussion when out in the neighborhood…except between the kids. They say “we are voting for Obama” and then their buddies in the carpool say “we are voting for Romney”. … Read More

BBMM 2012

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Abbreviated. As always. It was the week before our annual Halloween run and it was warm and sunny out. I knew that would end. Every year since I have been apart of this thing, its been cold, wet, or snowy. I run in that all winter so I long for a pseudo-final long run in some warmer weather to top … Read More

Leadville Rules

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Well, I mean that in the sense of laws too. We have 2 ATVs and in Leadville I can’t quite figure out the rules up there. They seem welcome on roads but I am always nervous when a law enforcement officer is nearby. I always wonder if I am getting away with something. Turns out I have been more than … Read More

Baltimore 2012

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That was fun. After a lot of hard work, a team of 4 traveled to Baltimore this week for the NARCA convention to demonstrate what Local Counsel Collective has to offer. This was a big deal for us as it was the first time we went for national exposure after starting as a regional offering. We got a good reception … Read More

Run: Fort McHenry (8.01 mi @ 08:32)

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After being turned away from the closed Fort previously, I returned during the day on my next run. I knew the route this time so there was less dicking around. But man, urban running sucks. Ducking cars and stop lights. Anyway, I got out there and they wanted $7 to go into the Fort. Nah. I just wanted to jog … Read More