Weekly Training Summary (43.79 miles / 6:48:16)

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Mon – Slow 9M: Gym and back. Legs still tired from Sat a bit.

Tue – Easy 5M: Couldn’t go to Green b/c of child duty. So I just squeezed in something quick. Oh I can run more. Why is this an easy day? 1 mile in I was thankful for the easy day. Stuff hurt. Weird. And then it started to rain.

Wed – Slow 10M: Gym and back. Muddy as hell on the dirt road. Slip slop. Stayed in HR range but it was kind of suspiciously easy.

Thu – Green Mountain: Blah out of the car but by the time I hit the lot I was raring to go. Took it quicker I felt. Kept HR mostly up at 160 the whole time. Wasn’t watching time but kept pushing every time I felt I had a drop. By the time I was in the switchbacks, I believed it was a possible ascent challenge PR but wasn’t betting on it. Came into the summit dead and crashed. Ended up about a minute off last week. WHAT? I was shocked. Bummer. Good workout.

Fri – Easy 9M: Felt fatigued today. Just took it easy to the gym and back. Fall is coming. Shirt might be required soon.

Sat – Easy 5M: Opted for a quick easy run before taking over child duties on the day.

Sun – Off: Had 16M on the schedule but just opted to code all day to get ready for October stuff. This is sort of my last free weekend in 2012 before activities kick in for each weekend.


Choppy week because Kim had my truck while her car is under repair. Killed my Tuesday Green outing because of it. But I was lucky to squeeze another one in on Thursday. The rest of the week was sort of blah. Frankly, I have been having fun with the weights a bit more than the run to and from the gym. Watching the other dudes there and finding out new cool exercises all the time. Like the running, slow and steady…week after week. I expect some changes out of this for a stronger body next year.

Looks like all the races for the year are now done. It bugged me to sit on the sidelines and not jump into a single September event. Was sort of itching to. But its not in my nature. Not that all races are not contrived, but there is something that rubs me the wrong way about some of the recent races where I just don’t get motivated for them. I was more motivated for the Strava challenges this month…just to get on the board…I knew I wasn’t worthy. But it was fun to see everyone coming out. I was probably most excited (running-wise) this week when I saw the BBMM date announced. That’s good shit right there.

Still searching for a 2013 theme…