Weekly Training Summary (48.08 miles / 7:35:52)

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Mon – Slow 9M: HR monitor was fubar. Took it Easy outbound to gym, but Slow inbound.

Tue – Mount Sanitas: Had time for a single loop only. Felt like working for the challenge today. I knew a PR wouldn’t happen without more days here. But I was able to put the HR in range early and then try and run hard. Ended up hiking some sections that I used to run. Probably moved faster over them though? Will compare. Ended up 90 seconds under my PR but that’s the closest attempt in a while. Encouraging.

Wed – Slow 9M: Sort of easier on the outbound to the gym. A little faster back. Tried to stay in slow zone for the day again.

Thu – Green Mountain: Wanted to whittle some time off my challenge time. Felt like a decent day but I couldn’t get the legs moving. Dragging from weights? Calves were burning. HR was 10 beats lower than it should be on this effort. A good day here and I will shave minutes and be in PR range.

Fri – Easy 4M: Quick run over to the gym to meet the family who were swimming. Got a good weight set in and opted for the ride home.

Sat – Slow 16M: I put this run off a week and was ready this week. Nervous about 16 (whoop-tee-do) but at a sustained HR pace. Ended up being not so bad. Had 2 spots where I drifted low but just had to catch myself and push again. My legs were tired when I was done. I am on to something…or I was years ago…good to be getting back on the horse.

Sun – 0M: Planned off day.


Stuck my daily notes into the section above for a change. Keeps me from recapping down here.

Was a bit bitter I didn’t go for the Denver Marathon Saturday. I got email on Friday from the Boston Marathon saying they were not full and would reopen on Monday. I failed that gamble. Oh well. Plus, it might have hurt to run the required pace for 26.2 miles. I am not in fast shape but its coming.

The HR stuff has been a nice change to get back to. I am enjoying finding myself drifting into the 130s and then forcing myself back into the 140s on most days for the Slow HR range. The 150s are OK to but mostly saving those for mountain days right now. Some intervals will start showing up here again shortly.

I am not really sure what to do with this training right now. On a 16 week plan with no real goal at the end. Just would like to get some non-marathon PRs broken I suppose. Then go into the holidays and turn it up a notch for winter/spring depending on lotto results.

Having fun with the weights so far. Still mostly playing catch up as I started with low weight and am working up towards failure session by session. Found it on some already. Others have room to go. Mostly doing 3 sets by 11 reps. Looking for failure on the 3rd somewhere. Then working to complete it cleanly before moving up.

Still want to try and find a yoga-ish thing to get me all flexible but I haven’t figured out when or where to shove that into my schedule yet. The gym is a big enough new distraction right now as I am there about 4 hours a week now. That’s on top of the 7 hours of running on the week. And the couple hours of driving to go and run. Its consuming.