Weekly Training Summary (35.23 miles / 6:31:14)

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Mon – Easy 5M

Tue – Green Mountain

Wed – Off. Unplanned. Rain.

Thu – Bear Peak

Fri – Slow 9M

Sat – Easy 5M

Sun – Off


Eh, its the off-season. I am kind of enjoying my schedule right now. The miles don’t add up to much but I am physically and mentally challenged with the runs and other activities throughout the week. I will explain.

I started going to the gym. Gasp! Yep. I haven’t set foot in one since I lived in California during college internships. Monday was the first day at it. Took most of the time fumbling around the place trying to figure out where to get a towel and how the machines work. I end up going during the time of day when all the silver heads show up so its not a big manly contest of max weight. However, some of those old fuckers are quite strong. Hey, they have nothing better to do. So I feel bad when I have to raise the pin to a lower weight when getting on a machine after them. But not for long. My old classic failure was trying too much weight and not being able to raise my arms for a week and then quitting. So this time its more about tolerable limits. Build slowly. Apply my running discipline.

Tuesday it was back to Green. With the Strava challenge on, I needed a hot time up the front side. But as soon as I started up I had no gas. Not today. So I ran it normal and it still hurt. Hiked a ton of the top and still finished in the teens for the challenge. If I get a decent run at it, I should be able to improve greatly.

I woke up Wednesday to rain. And being the off-season, I took the day off. However, I was able to jump in the truck and drive to the gym and do a nicer set of activities there indoors. Felt like I didn’t waste the day after all. Kind of enjoyed this.

Thursday was challenge time again. I felt good plus I had that rest day so I opted for Bear. This is my least run peak route in my PR list. So I have no real good beta on how to run it correctly yet. When to push. When not to. So I just took it out hard and figured I would be hiking on Fern and then just see how it ended up. It was wet from the rain so I was slipping at bit. Kept the HR pretty steady at 158. Ended up tagging the summit about 30 seconds under my PR. I will take it. For what it was and my current form, it seemed like the first sign of progress in a while. And I was convinced I could strip another minute off that with the right motivation.

Friday I tried something new. I ran to the gym. 4.5 there, 4.5 back. Figured it would be a good warm-up. The gym was further than I thought and I was pinching it off walking in the door there. Ouch. Decent workout but I realized I need to dial it in more. Need to track my weight, sets and reps in a more detailed fashion. Wasting time figuring it out from scratch every day. Enter some iPhone app. I will dial this in so I just move through the workout quickly and head back out the door.

On Saturday my training plan had Slow 16M and I just couldn’t bring myself to get up early to do it. Off-season. So I bailed and ended up running 5 between slow and easy HR late in the day. Bonus was that Reagan rode her bike with me for the first time on the loop and had fun. It was great. Better than the 16 would have been.

Sunday was just a easy day so I opted to skip it in favor of a family bike ride where we got everyone out all together on bikes for the first time since Reagan started riding well. It was fun to cruise as a family. A couple hours in the outing but Garmin said moving time was 45 minutes. That’s how it goes I guess. Spent the evening out shopping for a boat. Bought 3 of them.

So between the gym, the HR training runs, and 2 mountain days a week, I feel pretty full these days. The total time is adding up but the run time isn’t. But I think this will pay off after weeks and weeks of it. Its definitely different.