Run: Bear Peak [Fern] (4.81 mi)

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The mountain was surrounded in fog this morning. From the top, it was a sea of clouds.


The Strava Challenge sucked me over to Bear today. I was happy to go. Something new. Hadn’t seen the burn area from Bear yet. SoBo was cooked! PR by a few seconds with 51:42 on the route with total hiking up Fern. Finally, something positive. It was wet from the rain last night too so traction was iffy in spots. I think my HR work is helping already at getting me back to being bursty on shorter stuff.

Bummer…my Garmin was off in the weeds at the start so this run didn’t register in the challenge. Means I have to do it again! No worries. Or I might see if I can edit this track a bit to get it to take.

BTW this route is the hiking master. After doing Green front side on Tuesday then this today it was no comparison.

I went 4.81 miles with an elevation gain of 2,671 feet in 01:29:07, which is an average pace of 18:31. Heart rate average was 141. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.