Weekly Training Summary (37.39 miles / 5:42:31)

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Mon – Off. Commute back from Leadville.

Tue – Mission Peak

Wed – Slow 7M

Thu – Mission Peak

Fri – Easy 4M

Sat – Steady 6M

Sun – Slow 8M. Plus 1 hour of cycling with Reagan pulling the bike trailer with Kayla!


Travel week to California. Pushed it hard on the first Mission Peak but was still quite off the PR. Ran solid to the point where the sweat was making me blind. Since that one was in the evening I opted for road miles the next morning. Then back to Mission Peak on Thursday for a slightly easier ascent. I enjoy that mountain. So much landscape and so many people. Its fun to blow by them all.

The steady run felt good. Getting back to being able to hold a HR solidly again. Something I had let get away from me in 1.5 years of not using it.

Sunday was supposed to be off but I ran because I wanted to.

Then I took Reagan on a “big bike ride”. This involves lots of stopping and doing observation. That is after she got back on the bike….she crashed 5 minutes into the ride into a couple of old folks walking. Oops.