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Mike Aish joined us for my night run last weekend. He had his camera crew with him. Hopefully, we see some of that footage soon as we chatted with Mike pre-run and then they captured us all out on the trail. Here is a teaser on what Mike is all about and what his goal are for Leadville.

Leadville Boom Days Burro Race 2012

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My main man, George Zack, got into burro racing a few years back. Last weekend, he ended up in 1st place in the race over in Fairplay, CO. Given that confidence builder, he decided to tow the line again this weekend over in Leadville. I was having the night run so I coaxed George into staying here with his family, … Read More

Annual Unofficial LT100 Night Run 2012

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Previously, previously. 30+ runners on a perfect night in Leadville! We opened our Leadville training compound once again to continue this great tradition of running the last 20ish of the Leadville Trail 100 course 2 weeks out from the race. This year, I opened the invitation a bit and ended up with 30 and change on the confirmed and maybe … Read More

Into Thin Air

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In 2 weeks from this moment, I will be racing. Brooks was schedule challenged and came up a day early for the night run. So I headed up to the top of Powerline with him and his pacer, Liz, for a little pre-night-run run. I told him to look like it hurt before we started. I was dogging up the … Read More

Newbie Cliff Notes

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Be prepared. Walking at mile 75ish in the middle of the night…freezing to death. I got a message from Nathan: I was wondering if you could provide any insights to this Leadville newbie about things you are going to do differently and mistakes you learned from in the past? My first thought was….I blogged all that. Go read it. The … Read More