LT100 Race Plan

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Been asked enough times…what’s your goal for the race? I have answered it differently depending on who asks and when they ask. Its not to be coy. Its more that I continually change my mind. There are multiple levels of success here. I will list them in importance to me. A. Finish So first and foremost, the goal is to … Read More

LT100 Pacing Plan

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JP had held the sole pacer spot for me for my first 2 Leadvilles. However, this year he was going to tow the line himself (but is not starting now) so I had to go and find some new folks to make this journey with me. Frankly, I couldn’t be more excited with this group. Should be a good mix … Read More

Buena Vista Burro Race 2012

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Previously. After the big show in Leadville last weekend, the burros moved south to the town of Buena Vista for the final race in the Triple Crown series. I headed down there to see the action first hand once again. I found George and Jack over getting signed in and weighed in pre-race…and making out? George says he is the … Read More

2nd Annual Leadville BBQ

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EAT! Guess I can’t get enough of you all… Thursday, August 16, 2012 4:00pm till whenever 3 Ranch Road, Leadville CO I put it up on Facebook for RSVPs but you non-FBers can drop a comment here too. A general invitation to come over and hang out pre-race. I will have the grill on. Bring some drinks or a side … Read More