Leadville Trail 100 Run 2012

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Distance 101.80 miles Elevation Gain 17,365 feet Time 27:29:16 Rank 139 of 342 finishers/802 starters GPS Analysis Garmin Connect Previously, previously. I’ll commit, I won’t quit. For the 3rd consecutive year, I lined up in Leadville to run 100 miles. Having completed 100 miles back in June at the Western States 100, I had some added confidence. But leading up … Read More

Go Time

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OK. Last post before the race. A few last minute things for those that are new to this. + Leadville Race Series Tracking – There is promised to be live race tracking somewhere on the race site. Sometimes these things work and sometimes they don’t. See how it goes. Bib #470. + Twitter – My crew should be tweeting throughout … Read More

LT100 BBQ 2012

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I opened up the training compound once again this year to all my Leadville friends to come join us for food, drink, and race chatter. Natalee and Eric helped me prepare all the food and host the party. We ended up having cars parked up and down the street out to the main road. Probably 50-60 people total stopped by. … Read More

LT100 Crew Plan

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Insert caption here. Leila told me that when she was getting her crew instructions from Woody he said he was going to get all “Brandon-esque” for a minute. Uh oh. Its becoming legend. And the yarn? Who can forget the yarn! So how about this…Crew!…3rd year at Leadville. Just did WS100 2 months ago. You know what to do! No … Read More