Weekly Training Summary (23.43 miles / 3:26:18)

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Mon – Off. Natalee and Eric went and hiked Sherman. I was tempted to go but had work stuff to do. Left Leadville after my longest stint there ever.

Tue – Off. Airport shuttle for the crew. Getting back to work.

Wed – 3M. Let’s see how a little 5K feels? Pretty good. No fatigue in the legs. Mostly lungs still hurt.

Thu – 7M. Ran a nice little evening tempo-ish thing. Practiced turning over a bit. My run has changed. Need to get it back.

Fri – 5M. Slow day.

Sat – 0M. Took family to Water World all day. After that, I was done being outside.

Sun – 8M. Back to my usual loop. Kind of boring. Ready to get back to some sort of structure.


Last year after Leadville I took 30 straight days off. It was a bad idea. This year, I was just going to see how things went. By Wednesday I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to get back outside. So this mileage isn’t meant to be impressive. Its just cool because its not zero. There maybe lingering fatigue but I feel pretty good. My feet are great. My legs feel fine. We have been fighting some colds in the house this week but otherwise things feel fine. Might start to ramp back up and see where it takes me.

I always want to take the fall off but I feel like there might be a chance to squeeze in a few more events. The Denver Marathon? It won’t be fast and that scares me. So why not. Just run what you run and have fun. Push it a bit. Get a marathon baseline. Then work to get that time back down in the spring? Boston can’t happen in 2013 because the registration stops the day before Denver. Unless its not sold out. So no pressure to BQ then. A roadie might be a fun Sunday morning diversion.

Otherwise, I hope to get back to the hills on a twice a week basis starting this week. I haven’t been up Green this summer? Its been too long.