Leadville 2012 Race Reports

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Every year I try and collect up all the race reports of friends so share with those that don’t follow everyone on the list. Enjoy reading about more tales from Leadville.

2. Zeke Tiernan

3. Nick Clark

4. Anton Krupicka

7. Brandon Stapanowich

11. Tim Waggoner

18. Aliza Lapierre

24. Joe Berg

40. Woody Anderson

62. John Fegyveresi

72. Donald Beuke

95. Andy Wooten

104. Jim Petterson

110. AJ Wellman

139. Brandon Fuller

183. Andy Reiff

226. Chris Boyack

349. Walter Olsen

Not rubbing salt in the wounds but these folks ran and didn’t finish. But they put it out there for you all to read and learn from.

DNF. Scott Jaime

DNF. Wyatt Hornsby

DNF. Nicolas Lee

DNF. Alex Ross

DNF. Lisa Marie Erikson

Thanks to all for sharing your Leadville experiences with us!

I am sure more will keep coming in. Let me know! I will keep updating. Then I will archive over on my RunLeadville.com site when done.