LT100 Pacing Plan

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Leadville Trail 100 Run 2011

JP had held the sole pacer spot for me for my first 2 Leadvilles. However, this year he was going to tow the line himself (but is not starting now) so I had to go and find some new folks to make this journey with me. Frankly, I couldn’t be more excited with this group. Should be a good mix of fresh blood throughout the day and night just when I need it.

Winfield – Pipeline (22.5M)

Nick Pedatella – Without a blog, Nick remains the most underground ultrarunner out there. Racking up top 10 finishes nearly wherever he races, he should get me back over the pass and cranking back to the north side of the course.

Pipeline – Fish Hatchery (4.0M)

Eric Jungbauer – Fresh off his first 5K, I have my business partner running the road stretch with me. The change in line up during the section could help pump me up given I usually bonk right at this point. I won’t want Eric to see that.

Fish Hatchery – May Queen (10.0M)

Jon Teisher – The most painful part of the course will be lead by my arch rival. He doesn’t want me to beat his PR on this course so he will likely lead me into the woods and beat me silly. I will do my best to prove to him that I am the supreme champion in our ongoing feud.

May Queen – Finish (13.5M)

Natalee Fuller – She felt ripped off last year because she didn’t get to run a half-marathon at altitude in the middle of the night with me. Oh well. Payback will be coming her way. I plan on running every step of that section.