Welcome To August

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16 days until…

Leadville Trail 100 2010

That’s me in 2010 on my way to the finish line. I couldn’t run anymore. It was a walk to the finish. But a journey completed.

I feel like I wait my whole running year for August. Excited to reconnect with everyone in Leadville. Excited to be in the moment. Excited to spend the day focused on a goal. Excited to pursue the dream one more time.

The first two years of this race I feel like I raced it like it was my first race ever. This year, its different. I feel like I am racing it as my last race ever. That’s not to say I am hanging it up but I feel confident that I can complete the job and put this to bed. I felt that way last year too but I was more anxious and impatient which resulted in a delusional self-inflated state on race day. Which led to my demise.

So what once was a journey now feels more like habit after only 3 of these things. Frankly, I don’t think I trained as hard for this one as last year. Western States caused a break in the schedule instead of an unrelenting summer-filled focus on a single race. That’s probably a good thing. I do not lack confidence around 100 miles. I respect the distance yet I know I just did it weeks ago and just have to repeat that. I know it will hurt in the moment at times. I know I will question why I signed up for this again. I know there will be highs and lows. But I have figured out that its all about keeping an even flow to the day.

I feel like I ran Western well. But its hard to run 100 perfect. There are spots I could have done better. But I did what I went to do. Now, the game shifts. Back to where I feel like I have home court advantage. Back to where it all started for me.