What Went Wrong

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So been ready to put this to bed and move on. Haven’t really spent much time analyzing the race but I wanted to put a few things out there for my own edification. In 2011, I, along with about everyone else, was convinced I went out to fast. So this year, the plan was easily correctable — go out slow. … Read More

Leadville 2012 Race Reports

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Every year I try and collect up all the race reports of friends so share with those that don’t follow everyone on the list. Enjoy reading about more tales from Leadville. 2. Zeke Tiernan 3. Nick Clark 4. Anton Krupicka 7. Brandon Stapanowich 11. Tim Waggoner 18. Aliza Lapierre 24. Joe Berg 40. Woody Anderson 62. John Fegyveresi 72. Donald … Read More