Red Line Chemistry @ Moe’s / Denver, CO / 2012

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Tuesday night? Time for a rock show.

Red Line Chemistry

I found out late last week that these guys were going to be in town. Sometimes with these smaller bands its hard to keep in sync with tour schedules. There were 4 bands on the bill for night and the show was at Moe’s BBQ. I have walked passed Moe’s to go to the Gothic but never seen a band there. Its a restaurant, bar, concert room, and bowling alley all-in-one. Unfortunately, it seemed like the PR machine failed others too as there was only about a dozen people there when the show started. Bummer for the bands. Cool for me.

I was really only there for RLC and they played 2nd and started at about 10 PM. The band mostly setup their own gear while I sat on a bar stool near the stage watching them. I listen to this band quite often just like I do arena-size bands so its weird to see them lugging gear and dealing with the true economics of music. I captured video of the final song from start to finish. It was dark in there and I still can’t get my iPhone to capture good audio — but I post-equalized it in iMovie a bit to make it better and less over-modulated.

They played about 10 songs including 2 or 3 unreleased ones. Always fun to hear new stuff but I missed some classics because of it. Once they were done, the band headed over to the merchandise table to sell their wares. After a group in front of me went, I had to table to myself and chatted with Brett, the singer, for about 10 minutes. We talked about radio promotion, other shows, the lack of turnout in Denver vs. sold out shows in the Northwest they just did, Octane on SirusXM, and more. Kind of fun treat to chat with the band members after the show. Bought a shirt to continue to support their cause. I had all the music they were selling plus their first CD that they were not. The band retreated to the chairs out on the front porch of the building to have beers with anyone around. Nice guys. I hope they find their break.

BTW, this was the band I used in the Hardrock 100 video. Lots of folks asked.