Western States Post Mortem

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One week later…just a few thoughts before putting this race to bed.

1. Splits

Took a minute to go back to my spreadsheet that I had in my pocket for the race…the one I didn’t really look at because I was opted for the race signs. Those race signs were a little more aggressive as I noted on race day than my pace splits. Should have stuck with my data for less angst during the race. Oh well. So here is the sheet blown up with my actuals.

This view makes it look much more solid for the day in my opinion. This was well executed. Feels more like I wanted it go after seeing the data up close. I put a few notes markers with letters on the right side to mark up the interesting shifts.

A – First big gain of the day. This was because I was pissed leaving Duncan at having to work harder than I thought to hold pace. So I stepped on it a bit and ran all ups.

B – Dropped a lot of time here. This was when I paused for a dump. It was also the wettest part of day. Poured rain. No other great excuse.

C – Back to even! The Devil’s climb. I crushed it relative to the pace. Uphill is my friend.

D – I took my longest aid station of the day at Michigan and paid for it. Shoe change. Food. Needed the stop but it threw me behind.

E – Tim got me in gear. Crushed it to the river once we got rolling consistently. There were a few hikes in there. Passed a lot of folks.

F – We hiked hard up from the river and didn’t stop for wet gear change like most do.

G – Just cruising. Easy spot to just bonk and slow. Kept on a groove.

H – Passing people made for some excitement and something to keep moving towards.

I – I had stopped running downhill because of quads and confidence of finish time. Lost 6 minutes. Figured it was more.

2. Aftermath

Anybody else go through this mini-depression cycle after these races? Oh, its not that bad but I don’t know what else to call it. You eat, sleep, train, and think that race every minute and then when its over…its over. Back to normal. Hey, I was the star yesterday! It takes a bit of time to unwind yourself around the mission. Eh.

3. Ceremony

My biggest feedback about WS100 was that the ceremony of it sucked. I didn’t enjoy any of the briefings, awards, etc. All were late, long, boring, and not well produced. The pre-race felt like some atta-boy club meeting. There was no information exchanged. The crew briefing gave all the race instruction that was valuable. They really need someone professional to MC the event from the pre-race, to awards, to finish line announcing. Also, at the start there was nothing — we just started when the clock counted down. Weird. The medical director said 10 words. Weird. Leadville scores an 8 out of 10 vs. a paltry 1 of 10 here. It was a total letdown for such a legendary race.

4. Return

Will you go back to WS100? Probably not. I got what I went there for. Probably newer experiences to tackle instead and put my dollars to work elsewhere. But it seems weird not to let the lottery gods decide my fate. Hmmm.

5. Next

I keep considering whether to run Silver Rush or not. I sort of want to just because its a fun day and distance on a known trail. I would be encouraged to drop an hour off my PR on that course fixing the mistakes of last season. But do I have it in me? I don’t want to sacrifice LT100 for SR50 in anyway. I am on the fence if its positive or not. I feel like more experience with long days on my feet is better than anything. Thoughts?