Rocky Mountain National Park

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We went to the park this weekend on a scout camping trip for the girls. I was excited to get back into the park because we just never go there and its so close. Not sure why, but I have ideas. We either drive visitors through it or I go to run Longs. Otherwise, not much. So our camp site … Read More

Red Line Chemistry @ Moe’s / Denver, CO / 2012

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Tuesday night? Time for a rock show. I found out late last week that these guys were going to be in town. Sometimes with these smaller bands its hard to keep in sync with tour schedules. There were 4 bands on the bill for night and the show was at Moe’s BBQ. I have walked passed Moe’s to go to … Read More

Glenwood Caverns

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Caves are cool. We returned to Glenwood Caverns on our weekend adventure. The kids were excited to go into the caves and see what it was like inside. Brains! Drips. 10,000 years or something to make each of those. Freaky. The cave has a penis. The Barn. One of the biggest (discovered) cave rooms in Colorado. King’s Row. Just a … Read More

Box Canyon Falls

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When Kim and I visited Colorado from California back in 2000, we spent a day in Ouray and went to Box Canyon Falls. That trip played a big roll in us moving to Colorado just a year later. We have pictures in our kitchen of us in this same canyon back then. So it was cool to return with our … Read More

Hardrock 100 Pacing 2012

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When my pacer, Tim Long, from Western States asked if I could give him a hand at Hardrock, I immediately consulted with my wife, Kim. I expected some type of “more running stuff” rolling of the eyes from her. When our summers seem to revolve around my running schedule, things can get tense. However, I received a curious response. “It … Read More