WS100 Planning

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I figured if I asked my crew where I would see them, but they would turn it on me and say “Where do you need US?”. Well, here is my first stab at it. Veterans of the race can critique if we are too much or too little and how we will be on time.

There are 25 aid stations/checkpoints along the way they say. Geez. I plan to use those but I will post the ones where stuff has to happen from me or my team in preparation. So if its not listed below, I plan to not have any external support there. Let me know if I should have a drop bag somewhere I missed as a safety net.

Start (0.0)

– Crew: Yes. Unless you want to sleep in and miss the start to save up for the night.

Red Star Ridge (16.5)

– Crew: N/A

– Drop Bag: Yes

Duncan Canyon (24.2)

– Crew: No. This looks nasty. Stay away. I did the drop bag at Red Start to compensate.

Robinson Flat (30.2)

– Crew: Yes

– Food: Bigger stuff.

Dusty Corners (40.1)

– Crew: Maybe. I don’t have a good read on this one. The road sounds steep. Using drop bag at Last Chance if not.

Last Chance (43.3)

– Crew: N/A

– Drop Bag: Maybe. Depends on Dusty Corners. Might drop anyway in case they have issues.

Michigan Bluff (55.7)

– Crew: Yes

– Gear: Watch recharge no matter what.

– Food: Bigger stuff.

Bath Road (60.6)

– Crew: No. Get to FH and get prepared.

Foresthill (62.0)

– Crew: Yes

– Pacer: Tim

– Gear: Lights! This seems to be where we need to pick up lights for the evening no matter what. And return watch charging gear.

Rucky Chucky (78.0)

– Crew: No

– Drop Bag: Yes/No depending on Green Gate.

– Other: Noting it because of water crossing.

Green Gate (79.8)

– Crew: Yes/No? This is the hike in. Thought that might be fun! Its 1+ miles to the aid station. And you can hike 2 more miles down and meet at the river and pace up? You guys think.

– Gear: Just got out of the river. Get dry! Shoes, socks, etc.

Highway 49 (93.5)

– Crew: Yes

Robie Point (98.9)

– Crew: Yes/No. Drop off the crew-turned-pacers and go to finish.

– Pacers: All. Everyone be laced up and ready to run to the track!

Placer High School (100.2)

– See you there!

So that’s it. But the big question? When will I be at those spots! OK, I found a great spreadsheet and I am using that instead of investing any time into making my own. Here is a screenshot of it below but I will provide a link to the original too.

Yellow bands are planned crew stops from above. Green bands are planned drop bags from above.

Random stuff we probably need crew to have/bring:

+ Lights – Don’t forget your own light sources.

+ Coolers – Glenn? Since he is driving up.

+ GPS – One for driving directions? Might be helpful late at night.

+ Wagon – This sounds like we won’t be doing as much back-of-the-car aid station as Leadville. This sounds more like park and pack in. Rolling device? We bring a wagon on Leadville.

+ Chairs – Couple of camping folding chairs.

I can make a run into the Walmart in Reno on arrival.