Bib #190

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I have been cleared to run! All 3 boxes are now green. And the bib assignment. Meh. When they asked me what number I wanted on the form, I entered #666 but I guess they don’t print them that high.

Run: Powerline / Sugarloaf (7.45 mi)

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After yesterday’s relatively flat outing, I wanted to go get a taste of what the higher up county looked like. So I jumped in the car and drove a couple miles over to Powerline to maximize my time. The water crossing at the bottom is really nice right now. Last spring, I turned back because it was a lake and … Read More

Run: Turquoise Lake (15.40 mi)

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First run around the lake this season! Snow free. A few humans here and there. Mostly out fishing. A huge set of trees is down along the Turquoise Lake Trail near the biggest drainage stream. I had to go down to the shore to go around it. Once on the shoreline, I figured why return to the trail. The lake … Read More