Run: Turquoise Lake + Powerline

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Last time I was here, I did the lake one day and Powerline the next. So today I combined them for a longer jaunt. Interestingly, my bowels were on fire again today. I dumped 4 times on the way to May Queen. Felt like a race! Then things lightened up and I felt a bit better and ready to move. May Queen was hopping once again as the campground is open. This is key because it means the water is on. So I filled my bottle was planned and headed up to the Colorado Trail to continue on. The CT is nice and dry up to Hagerman Pass Road.

From there, I opted to stay on the CT instead of taking the usual LT100 loop behind Sugarloaf. I haven’t ever been up this trail so I wanted to check it out. Unfortunately, its shaded nature left lots of easily traversable snow piles on the trail. I thought this would be a good shortcut route but not sure it really is. Seemed longer than I thought. But its a better trail than the rocky road. I stopped when I got onto the LT100 trail again and ate a Cliff Bar and relaxed a minute. I had drained my single bottle so it was going to be a long way home.

As I started working my way down Powerline, I ran into the newlywed Crespins. We stopped and chatted for a bit before moving on in our opposite directions. Felt pretty solid on the whole down but I think I need to take it slower down on race day. The bad news is that they are doing some kind of work with big machinery at the bottom of Powerline. They have crushed the trail down to sand. You can’t bike it right now. People were just walking their bikes through it. It wasn’t fun to run on either. Its just the last section so its not long but definitely unwelcome.

Once I hit the road, the wind was in my face and I felt good that I finished the major portion of the loop. But I was not looking forward to the road miles back home. With no water, I was getting a bit thirsty. I checked my phone and saw that my wife was driving home from the grocery. So I opted to call in for a pickup as I crossed the golf course. Got enough miles in and it was fun to be rescued by a car full of ladies.



Later in the day, I took the whole family back out to May Queen. The lake is so low that you can walk on the bottom for about a mile out. It does have little lakes and streams that are fun to cross. So the kids ran around for about an hour on the moon-like landscape. Fun stuff.


I went 16.53 miles with an elevation gain of 1,871 feet in 03:12:02, which is an average pace of 11:37. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.