Weekly Training Summary (57.16 miles / 8:12:31)

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Mon – Off

Tue – Off

Wed – 8.5M

Thu – 8.5M

Fri – 10M

Sat – 10M

Sun – 20M


Tried to take the recovery seriously by respecting it early in the week. Mostly felt fine with some stiffness in the knees. Once I got back out on the run, things were back to normal quickly.

I don’t think I took a dump until Wednesday…on my run.

The Saturday run took place at 7 PM or so and finished in the dark. I was really rolling for parts of it. Felt fabulous. Wish runs went that way more often.

Given the late night run on Saturday, it took me forever to get out the door on Sunday. I left at about 5:30 and knew I would get hungry. So I stuffed a $20 in my pocket and headed out. On the way back, I veered off into Chipotle and grabbed a quesadilla to go. Folded it up and shoved it in my pants and was off. Spent the next 30 minutes getting it down while running. Practice eating. It went down fine. I probably overate as it was big. Kind of left me greasy feeling from the cheese. Landed back home safely in the dark. Had a beer for recovery and went to bed.

Looking to up the miles this week for a final push.