What’s Wrong With Me

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Yesterday, I took time out to go for acupuncture to try and address this problem I have been taking about in my butt. I got on the table and laid on my side with my right hip in the air. And as soon as she put her hands on my hip she started laughing. “That can’t be good”, I thought … Read More


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Saw this in Ghirardelli in San Diego. You may want to click through and enlarge the image to read the text. I found it humorous. How many people were running marathons back when this was printed? Probably nobody you knew. You probably didn’t even know what a marathon was. Hell, I still have to tell people how far it is … Read More

Green Mountain on Easter

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My favorite outings on Green have probably been the slowest ones. Why? Because I am accompanied by my family! I get to take time. Its about being out there, not getting it done. I am not one for holiday or traditions on holidays. I sort of feel anti-holiday most of the time. Maybe anti-normal. So when Easter day plans came … Read More

Spring Break 2012

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Had an excellent vacation this past week taking the family to Southern California for Spring Break. Disney, again? Yep. We seem to be hitting it about every 18 months or so but we alternate between Florida and California. This Spring Break it was just too pricey to go anywhere out of the country and with Kayla way into Disney Princesses, … Read More