Weekly Training Summary (100.28 miles / 14:55:18)

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I don’t need no nine mil glock

These hands are deadly guns

From smokin, drinkin, bein a thug

I sip hypnotyq from a coffee mug

I keep a healthy state of mind

I only drink and drive at night

I know Karate

I know Jujitsu

I drive like a gangsta when I’m coming to see you



Mon – 15M / Acupuncture

Tue – 10M / 5M

Wed – Mesa-BearCanyon-Green-Superflag / 5M

Thu – 10M / 5M

Fri – 5M / 10M

Sat – 0M

Sun – 20M / Bonus: 1M with a lawnmower


Back from the sickness with rage. I got back on the 100 mile week train this week to try and recover what was lost last week while I was sick. I wasn’t 100% early in the week but every day got better until I forgot about it. Had some good warmer runs early in the week. Need more time in the heat.

On Wed, I opted to stop my Sanitas trips and go back to the big boy mountain. But I combined it with more distance by getting a longer climb through Bear Canyon and then coming back down the quad-pounding way via Superflag. The ascent felt good and controlled. Not fast but felt normal. The descent was choppy on the road mostly. Just not as fluid on the turnover but the quads held up just fine. Not a fast outing overall but I felt confident when I was done.

The rest of the week was focused on just getting miles in because I planned for Saturday off while volunteering at the Cheyenne Mountain Trail Race. After that day off, I figured Sunday would be awesome but it wasn’t. Very stiff by the end of the run.

Overall, glad to have the base building week in the bag. I am going to change things up this coming week. I have a conference in Boulder at the St. Julien so that should provide me a great opportunity to do “Green Days” this week. I think those are going to be better for me than another 100M week. So I will look to do some back to back mountains this week in between conference sessions. Then its back to Leadville next weekend for the start of the snowless season up there. Turquoise Lake is plowed out and I hope to take advantage of that.

My dead butt syndrome has subsided a bit but still nags. Its not a burden, just a bother.

Starting to think more and more about Western. I still need to start my course homework. Then I need to figure out what to take and what to tell my crew to have on hand for me. I was thinking of starting with this rider from Slayer that I saw and adding and subtracting a few things. Its pretty close otherwise.