Weekly Training Summary (100.04 miles / 16:03:05)

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Rewound the future to the present

Paused it, don’t ask how

Fuck the past motherfucker

He’s the shit right now



Mon – 8M / 12M

Tue – Sanitas x 2

Wed – 10M / Acupuncture

Thu – 10M / 5M

Fri – Bear Peak & Green Mountain with JV & GZ

Sat – 20M

Sun – 11M (Treadmill because the wind is getting old)


Tired of all the whining in myself and the community lately. There is no source of motivation to be had. Everyone is tired, or hurt, or exploring other things. But as the days count down to Squaw Valley, I can only think one thing for myself…focus. No distractions. I need to prioritize and focus my efforts for this one big test. I won’t get a second chance (odds and all). I have one shot at the WS100. GZ asked me my goal for it was during our run this week. I simply muttered, “Finish”. Its not that its not a worthy goal but it is the only true goal. I have learned from my mistakes and I am ready to be tested again. Do I want to run faster and achieve some time goal? Sure. But I am trying to not get myself wrapped up in it. What I am getting myself caught up in is trying to convert as much of the training I have done in a 1:1 ratio to output on race day. All in all, that is the one thing that draws me into races. When I look back at races that I have done well and felt good about, its when race day came and I converted a great portion of my efforts into results. Maximizing that conversion is what is going to count for this race.

My butt is interestingly better coming into the weekend. I forced myself to sleep on my back all week with my foot uncovered. Small stuff but it works. This keeps my ankle in the 90 degree position. Keeps all the muscles stretched. This works. I learned it before and I am reapplying it now. Back to acupuncture tomorrow. It beat me up last week afterward but the next morning, things were great. Feeling confident that I can nip this given the load this week and the injury improved in spite of it.

Can’t decide when its time to chop the beard. The Wayne Static look-a-like is getting closer daily.