Weekly Training Summary (86.21 miles / 13:08:53)

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Fly into the distance

Disappear for awhile

I can’t make sense of this

But we’re here today, feeling alive

– In Flames


Sun – 20M

Mon – 8M

Tue – Off

Wed – Sanitas x 2

Thu – 10M / 5M

Fri – 10M / 7M

Sat – 10M / 8M


Once Spring Break was over, I knew I needed to shift into a different mentality. However, some early week cool weather really made me taper my desires. Once I got a taste of the warm, I wasn’t ready to have it leave. Looking for gloves when I haven’t been wearing a shirt seemed silly. So I took my rest day and regrouped. Then for the rest of the week, I brought back an old favorite: 2-fers. My schedule hasn’t allowed long runs lately during the week but if I break them up, duh. And I am still getting the sustained long run on the weekends so all seems right.

Been hitting Sanitas for a few weeks now instead of Green. Really been enjoying it. Way more suffering than Green for me. You hurt for 20 minutes, crest the top, then try and get your wobbly quads down through the rocks on the backside, before racing sub-7 for a mile to the finish. That round trip hurts…so good. I feel like I am getting a ton of value out of it so I am not sure when I will return to Green.

Wearing my Adidas (from JV) with my post in it on the roads and my MT110AKs on the trail. All is well. Feeling great and much less sluggish being back to a more minimal combination.

Body is holding up. Going through periods of fatigue but its mostly because of sleep. The biggest issue I have now is my right piriformis mentioned weeks ago. Its now down into my hamstring on that side. I need to go get some needles jammed in there but I haven’t been willing to spare the time. Crossing my fingers that it would go away but that isn’t working. Damn it. So I might have to get more active. For so many years, I was religious about massage and other things. Now, I do nothing but chiropractic and feel pretty good all the time. However, I may need to revert to more preventative measures here shortly with a race a month away. The worst part of that injury is driving. Its hurts like hell. I scream when I have to sit at a stop light because it rages. Its a bad position. Office chair is fine though. Also complicates sleeping. Takes me a while to get it to settle into a position where I can fall asleep. All this is so “last time with my hip” but its minus the hip hurting. Hip is fine. Miracle. So I take the rest lightly.

I feel like I run alone a lot lately. Haven’t been good about meeting up with folks. I need to change that but my schedule is more about maximizing time running and staying out of the car.