Spring Break 2012

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Had an excellent vacation this past week taking the family to Southern California for Spring Break. Disney, again? Yep. We seem to be hitting it about every 18 months or so but we alternate between Florida and California. This Spring Break it was just too pricey to go anywhere out of the country and with Kayla way into Disney Princesses, this was the perfect trip. So we flew in last Saturday and prepared for 6 days of theme parks.

I wrote blog entries for all the kids so if you want more, go there for Sydney, Reagan, or Kayla. But a few of my favorites.

I got to spend a lot of solo time with Kayla introducing her to various characters around the park while the big kids were off on bigger kid rides. One of our first was Jessie from Toy Story. We were back petting some goats and she showed up out of nowhere with no one else around. We had her to ourselves for about 10 minutes before a mob spotted her and our turn was over. But these two took to each other and had fun hanging out.

Disneyland - Day 1

We got rained out of the park that afternoon. They say rain or shine but everything pretty much stops running when its pouring rain. Our shoes were soaked and it was no fun anymore so we made for our hotel. The kids were breaking down so I hailed a cab for the few blocks back to the hotel.

Disneyland - Day 1

At Universal Studios, I got to introduce Kayla to Curious George — which she loves. But in person, he was pretty scary. In fact, all the non-human characters ended up frightening her. Guess we screwed up a few months ago when the gorilla freaked her out at Casa Bonita!

Universal Studios - Day 3

At SeaWorld, we had fun watching and feeding the sea lions. They were very anxious for you to feed them and not the guy next to them.

SeaWorld - Day 5

You have probably heard sea lions bark before…but this is more like a long lasting belch to get your attention. It worked.

Our final ride of the trip was a late night Space Mountain. I tried to make it count for the camera. I left my shirt on this year so I wouldn’t get in trouble again.

Space Mountain

On our last day before our flight, we headed to the beach to relax and detox from Disney a bit. Felt great just laying there. I would never want to live next to the ocean but its always invigorating to visit.

Santa Monica - Day 7