Ski Vail

A Day in the Life16 Comments

Last Monday, for our final ski of the season, we traveled up the road to big resort to let the girls expand their sights. Don’t fret, Cooper. We will return. Anyway, big resort skiing continues to suck. Had to park in a garage and walk the mile to the lift carrying 3 pairs of skis. Boo. Then I was overjoyed at the $116 full day adult ticket price. I swear they add $10 a year no matter what. Oh well. That’s why we only come here once this year.

We got on the chairs and headed up for a day of powder! Or slush. It was in the 40s and the snow was wet and slow. Kind of sucked. Plus, it was a Monday and there were lines. They moved quick but geez. Oh well, the girls had fun with the 4-wide chairs so we could all sit together. Natalee could help one kid and I help the other with them in between us.

Being somewhere new confused Sydney right off the bat and she started falling and claiming her “skis were not working”. As if somebody needed to start them or something. She found her legs shortly after. Reagan was nervous about the scale and never knew where we were headed so she was much more comfortable on the ropes. And I didn’t mind much. Rather have her have a good time than spend the day teaching.

We did a good number of runs and I had the GoPro cam on for the whole day. Its a long video but nothing really stood out other than the beauty of mountains and being out there all day enjoying it. So I just posted it all for posterity. I can’t believe my kids will someday be able to show their kids HD quality video from their first few seasons of skiing filmed on the slope!