Ski Cooper

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To celebrate our final weekend of ski season 2012 at Cooper, I got me a GoPro camera so I could properly capture my kid’s performances. The iPhone wasn’t cutting it and the Flip is dead. So I mounted up helmet style and got some Reagan video. This probably isn’t the best ski video you have ever seen. No helicopter stunts. Just a proud Dad leading her kid around. By the end of this day Reagan was off the ropes. But we had a little situation when I fell and she went on without me. Watch the end of the video if you want a laugh. Another kid on skis by 6! I know there are 2 year olds out there but this seems like a huge deal to me since I didn’t learn until I was 16.

My 8 year old is another story. I never see her anymore. Because she just takes off without me and cruises the mountain with her Aunt Natalee in this video. So I made Natalee take the camera and try it via the chest mount. Not so easy to film when the snowboarder is always pointing their body sideways (unlike skiers). We are learning. Anyway, I have no fears about Sydney. She an ski green, blues, moguls, whatever. I have taught her everything I know. She skis like me…self-taught and sloppy but can hang. Need to put her through some lessons and I think she could give all of us a run for the money.

2012 reinvigorated skiing for me I have to say. All because of the kids. It was amazing to be gliding down a mountain flanked by the two of them. I spend so much time doing my sport (running) solo that it gets kind of lonely a lot of the time. Here I have my two ladies right next to me keeping me company and we can all enjoy the sport at a similar level. Its amazing. I have another one in the wings with Kayla at 2 years old right now. At 3, she will be skiing. That’s my 2013 goal. I used to think you had to be 5-6. No longer. I can get her next year.

Until next winter…see you Cooper!