Weekly Training Summary (70.96 miles / 10:34:10)

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I know that you’ve been damaged

Your soul has suffered such abuse

But I am not your savior

I am just as fucked as you

– Stabbing Westward


Mon – 3M. Day after 53M. Loosen up. Don’t hurt yourself.

Tue – Green Mountain

Wed – 10M

Thu – 15M

Fri – 10M

Sat – 15M

Sun – 11M


Bounced right back from 53M. Hips were tight but that is expected. Had to adjust my sleeping position to keep the leg straight to keep the hip flexors tight. That fixed it right up.

I rotated out of the Hokas this week for a few days and BAM…my tib post shot right up. Fucker. Reverted. No issues. I am gonna have to put the post back in my shoes when I transition back to more minimal shoes for spring.

I hated everything about running this week. I had too much on my mind. Been working my ass off. Hoping it pays off so I can play a bit once spring arrives. I ran without a shirt today. Maybe spring is here…