Ski Vail

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Last Monday, for our final ski of the season, we traveled up the road to big resort to let the girls expand their sights. Don’t fret, Cooper. We will return. Anyway, big resort skiing continues to suck. Had to park in a garage and walk the mile to the lift carrying 3 pairs of skis. Boo. Then I was overjoyed … Read More

Ski Cooper

A Day in the Life4 Comments

To celebrate our final weekend of ski season 2012 at Cooper, I got me a GoPro camera so I could properly capture my kid’s performances. The iPhone wasn’t cutting it and the Flip is dead. So I mounted up helmet style and got some Reagan video. This probably isn’t the best ski video you have ever seen. No helicopter stunts. … Read More

Daily Diversion

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Apparently, the world record for 4-legged robots has been at 13 MPH since 1989. Finally, someone got their head out of their ass and figured out how to speed that shit up. WE are getting a retina iPad in 2 days but WE can’t figure out how to make a machine run as fast as Usain Bolt (27.79 MPH) — … Read More