Weekly Training Summary (105.12 miles / 18:58:16)

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Everyone is so full of shit

Born and raised by hypocrites

Hearts recycled but never saved

From the cradle always to the grave

– Green Day


Mon – 6M in Leadville

Tue – Green Mountain

Wed – 8M on treadmill

Thu – 7M on treadmill

Fri – 10M

Sat – 15M

Sun – 53M


Felt like 2 weeks in 1. Had 50, then ran another 50. All good. But I still loved seeing a 100 plus week in February.

I felt normal the morning after the big run. Ankles hurt a bit but nothing more.

I spent some time on my run thinking about what I might want to do in 2013. That’s fun. A lot of it hinged on making success of my big races in 2012. If that happens, I felt like I could put to rest some of my current desires and maybe focus my time elsewhere. I have a history of going 0 to aggressive on my hobbies until they reach some plateau or completion of goals. Then I move on to something else.