Weekly Training Summary (55.84 miles / 8:19:43)

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Too determined, to be forgotten

Nothing left to enrapture me

Hard and silent but softly breaking

No beloved to comfort me

Ooh dead philosophy…

– Disturbed


Mon – 10M on treadmill

Tue – Green Mountain

Wed – 13M

Thu – 13M

Fri – 6M in Leadville

Sat – 7M in Leadville

Sun – Off. Ski day. Hips sore. Better workout than a run.


Spent a long weekend in Leadville. Tried to run every day but the wind chill just sucks the life out of me there. Ended up having a “best day ever” skiing with Sydney and Reagan. Sydney is on fire and skis like a pro now. Can’t keep up with her at times. Reagan is getting steady but still on the ropes with me. I had a great day and actually was sore by the end of the 6 hours of skiing. That was better than any run I could have done.

The rest of the week was pretty standard. Pretty used to the back to back half marathons now. They just aren’t too speedy. Every season the voice in my head tells me what I am doing wrong. Right now its starting to tell me that I have to run fast once a week. I am not sure if I believe it except for the fact that when I see people running fast 1/2s (Footfeathers!) I wonder what I can do. I haven’t raced a 1/2 in years and it sort of scares me. That’s exactly why I should get out there and do one.

Staying here next weekend and planning on some big distance for Sunday if the weather is decent. That ought to jump start this mileage lag I have been getting crap for.