January Training Summary (266.84 miles)

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266.84 miles in 25 outings in a time of 46:00:53 with an elevation gain of 34,317 feet at an average heart rate of I don’t give a shit.

Well, my last monthly was written in July 2011 so I have been on hiatus for a while. I saw others all rolling in with their numbers last night so I was inspired to get back on the bandwagon. Interestingly, that July 2011 was almost a duplicate of the numbers from this month. Although, I was in the taper then and I am in the build now.

So how are things going?

Um, pretty good. You couldn’t ask for a more mild winter so far. I think I have been decent about taking advantage of it but probably could have exploited it more. But I tried to stay true to my changed mindset of running longer more often and not running when I don’t want to. That resulted in about 6 days off in January. I am not streaking. I don’t care about streaks. I am continuing to focus on time per day more than days per week. Neither are shabby but you gotta pick a primary.

What hurts?

You know, not much. Maybe some pride? Ha. Back in December I felt “crunchy” or “ouchy” all the time. Not so much right now. I think 2 factors may have helped. 1) The increased volume. This is counter-intuitive to some but it does work. My body is returning to that state of limberness and fatigue that its somewhat used to being in. This loosens up all those joints that were getting tight as I tucked into a ball during hibernation. 2) The Hokas? I don’t want to claim success there quickly but I have been running all my roads in them and I have nothing to whine about. Normally it is some ache but nothing right now. The downside of those shoes of late are blisters! I have been getting really hot feet in them and finding small randomly placed blisters on toes. I just saw them and go again. But its a high of 50 right now and I am not in them? That doesn’t bode well for canyons in June.

What’s annoying you?

This cough. I have been coughing for a month or more straight. Flem, snot, everything. I am not sick. I just am a fountain while I run. I often have to stop mid-run multiple times and hack out a lung. So forcefully that my eyes water most of the time. This usually goes away once the heat picks up but that’s going to be a while. Minor nod to the wind too. Its not spring yet you dumbshit and you are already messing with us?

Excited for Western?

Yup. I have that healthy time yet still to go before the pressure builds but I feel solid about being ready by race day. For the past 3 years, I have felt really great in June and then I struggle through July and August waiting on Leadville. Some of that is just the total unstructuredness of summertime and kids out of school and such. Its easy to get into a routine during the school year but once the chains lift, its hard to adapt in time. Running the goal race in June should pan out well for me. Crew, pacers, lodging, flights, and more are all set. I just need to get the work done now.