Burger Wars Jumps The Shark?

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Previously. The people at the so-called NEWS have come up with their own A-list awards and have a burger category. How spectacular! But can you seriously trust any voting competition on fine dining when the other categories include best pilates, best dog kennels, and best pawn shop? Oh well, let’s see what they have to say… Red Robin on top. … Read More

Run: Home-Green Mountain-Home (53.06 mi)

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Previously. A little background, back in 2010 at that link above, I did something “crazy”. I ran from Home to Green Mountain in late March. I recall being pretty spent but I enjoyed taking the RTD bus back to Longmont, then having my family pick me up for the final miles home. I told stories of that run for a … Read More

Weekly Training Summary (55.84 miles / 8:19:43)

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Too determined, to be forgotten Nothing left to enrapture me Hard and silent but softly breaking No beloved to comfort me Ooh dead philosophy… – Disturbed Breakdown Mon – 10M on treadmill Tue – Green Mountain Wed – 13M Thu – 13M Fri – 6M in Leadville Sat – 7M in Leadville Sun – Off. Ski day. Hips sore. Better … Read More

Weekly Training Summary (53.55 miles / 8:18:58)

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Whatever you want Whatever you need Anything you want done baby I’ll do it naturally Cause I’m every woman It’s all in me It’s all in me – Whitney Houston Breakdown Mon – Off Tue – Green Mountain Wed – 10M Thu – 10M Fri – 10M Sat – 6M Sun – 10M Thoughts Fuck it.