Leadville Pacers

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While we are on the subject of pacers this week, I wanted to announce my Leadville Trail 100 2012 line-up. These guys! Oh crap…JT has corrupted the boy already! Well, I guess that’s what I am in for. Nick Pedatella (left) is best known for not being known except to those that know him. Huh? I mean the guy doesn’t … Read More

Trail Work

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Ugh. So for Western States, I have to do 8 hours of volunteer trail work or race event work before mid-May. If not, I am out. OK. But looking around in mid-January for opportunities isn’t easy. So I am being lazy and posting this. Let me know if you run across anything or have a connection to some work. Likely … Read More

Line Up Change

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This past weekend while running the Fat Ass 50K in Colorado Springs, JP, my two-time pacer at Leadville decided that he needed to enhance his own race schedule for June. This means that he would no longer be available to come to Squaw and play. I wished him well. After 2 grueling Leadville pacing stints that included everything from dressing … Read More

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

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Had a great day with the family at the zoo in January! Sort of unseasonably warm today and we enjoyed it. We had not been to this zoo before and it didn’t disappoint. Its a nice little park with just enough and some of it done differently.