Weekly Training Summary (70.25 miles / 10:32:21)

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Can’t wake up in sweat

‘Cause it ain’t over yet

Still dancing with your demons

Victim of your own creation

Beyond the will to fight

Where all that’s wrong is right

Where hate don’t need a reason

Loathing self-assassination

– A7X


Mon – 10M

Tue – Green Mountain

Wed – 10M

Thu – 10M

Fri – Off

Sat – 13M

Sun – 21M


Limited to one Green this week to try and drive up the mileage a bit. Plus, the ice sucks right now. And the lower numbers have been bugging me. I told myself I wouldn’t care about numbers but sometimes its all you have to build confidence. So I took Friday off in order to try and run a bit longer back to back over the weekend. The long run sucked but that’s how its supposed to be right now. Slow, painful and making you question how you might do this 5x in a row in a day. But by the last five miles, I had shed the shirt and for a moment I felt like we were mid-summer! Can’t wait.

Best of luck to Brooks and Andy at RR100 this weekend. I don’t know how you can get up and motivated to run a 100 in February!

But its now time to start planning something bigger for February training. I think I will run from home to Green-Bear-SoBo and back…or until I die. This is good for 50+ miles on a Saturday. Advisers have questioned the value of this run but I feel like its a decent early season flat-ish ritual of pain. I plan on focusing on testing a food strategy that I am going to try out in route. More on that later if its works. The alternate would be some Tony-esque loop through Boulder Mountain Park + Walker. Might save that for March.

Back to Leadville next weekend! Might run a bit but might opt to tie some sticks to my feet and coast downhill with the kids.