Weekly Training Summary (56.00 mi / 8:19:04)

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I will not be forgotten

This is my time to shine

I’ve got the scars to prove it

Only the strong survive

I’m not afraid of dying

Everyone has their time

Life never favored weakness

Welcome to the pride



Mon – 10M

Tue – Off

Wed – Off

Thu – 10M

Fri – 10M

Sat – 20M

Sun – Green Mountain


Its hard to complain about this mild winter we are having but when we have days that dip down colder and wetter, its easy for me to stay inside and get work done so that I can play on days where its not. I learned from last year that I am better off to run 2 hours tomorrow, than run 1 hour today and 1 hour tomorrow.

My body is coming around a bit. I am wearing the Hokas exclusively on runs from home. And honestly, things have felt a little more solid lately. The ankles are complaining as much right now. The hip is doing something new but its not such a feared injury anymore. My quads feel sore all the time but that probably just because work is getting done. Not sure they are miracle shoes yet, but early indications show that they are helping. However, when I finally hit trail on Sunday I had some NB MTs on and it felt great to connect with the ground once again.

JV has been leading the whine about why these mild winter conditions suck for trails. It just causes all this ice to build up. It works better when we have feet of snow packed down. A run up Green either has you changing in and out of spikes every 4 minutes or you just wear them and know you are damaging them. Oh well. At least its warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt on some days.

I signed up for Quad Rock this week. I think its going to be a great tune-up at just the right time. I don’t want to focus on time there at all. I want to focus on being consistent all day. One pace for the duration. Trying to even my energy level though the day. Will also be using it to experiment with some new fuel ideas in a race setting. I hope to test out some of that before hand just from home too.

Overall, mileage numbers feel a tad low right now. But I feel like I am squeezing out all the time I can right now with a lot going on. And I want a steady build like I have done in years past. I am just so stoked that I get to peak in June this year instead of waiting until August, which is nearly impossible.