Line Up Change

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This past weekend while running the Fat Ass 50K in Colorado Springs, JP, my two-time pacer at Leadville decided that he needed to enhance his own race schedule for June. This means that he would no longer be available to come to Squaw and play. I wished him well. After 2 grueling Leadville pacing stints that included everything from dressing me to about everything else, he owes me nothing. I wish I could repay the favor at Leadville 2012 when he lines up…but I will be starting next to him for my 3rd run.

Anyway, this put me into a slight tizzy for about 5 minutes while I shuffled through my thoughts on how to cover the gap. There was one guy that quickly broke out. He ran Leadville 2011. Stayed at my house. He told me how I was going to screw up before I actually did it. He emailed me right after the WS100 news and offered support. He is my guy and I am pretty excited about it. I bring you…Mr. Inside TrailMr. Controversy himself…

Tim AKA Footfeathers!

Tim ran 6 100-milers last year, including Leadville and Hardrock. He is currently residing in California but hailed from Boulder previously. So he has knowledge of what I am up to here and what an ascent of Green translates to. He will help me dial this whole thing in — just like the rest of you on the interwebs should be doing.

Team Shart Headquarters in Squaw is almost full!

Unbreakable? Nah. Unstoppable? Fucking duh.