Rev Theory @ Fillmore / Denver, CO / 2011

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Tonight was KBPI’s Mistletoe Jam; Plan B. Plan A was last weekend with GnR. Did 10 people even go to that show? Check out the pictures of Axel. Anyway, this was the true Christmas rock show tonight. 6 bands. $10 ticket.

Extreme Turbo Smash

WTF. A band appeared on stage in animal costumes and started playing some hard core metal. I didn’t care for the music but the on stage antics were top notch. The band had dozens of holiday props on stage that looked like they just went on a spending spree at Walmart. Wrapped boxes. Trees. Boxes of candy canes. Ornaments. And more. And song by song, it all started getting thrown out into the crowd. Most of the boxes were empty so we started throwing them back at the band during their set.

KBPI Mistletoe Jam

I thought this was a Christmas joke at first overall but later saw on their Facebook page that this is how they play…all the time. Costumes! The panda bear lead singer had to shove the mic way up his panda mouth to get it to his real mouth.

KBPI Mistletoe Jam

The panda was getting more mischievous as it went on. He had a plastic bat and was beating other band member while they played. Then we tackled the guitar player during a song and the guy kept playing. Then he fell off stage. Then he and the guitar player fell off stage and had a Wrestlemania on the floor in the security space.

KBPI Mistletoe Jam

Near the end the panda was trying to throw the tree into the crowd I think but his mic cable was all wrapped in his feet and in the tree. It was hilarious to see this guy in a big panda mask trying to unwind all this stuff because you could tell he could not see what to do through the eye holes.

You might be saying that whole thing sounds like a gimmick to get people to not focus on the music. Probably. But I just wrote more words about them then any band I saw all year probably. Entertaining. A little preview and history in this video.

No. 1 Left Standing

These guys have won best band in Denver for 2 years in a row I guess. I don’t go to those shows but it was cool to see. Kinda of rap metalish. The band members seemed to be widely varied in age. I found that interesting and cool.


This is Uncle Nasty’s (DJ at KBPI) band apparently. I hadn’t figure that out until tonight. They played what they said was their last show as a band. I have heard Nasty on the radio for a decade so it was cool to see him perform on stage.

Pop Evil

My midwest friend have seen these guys a millions times. They are from Michigan and make the rounds in those parts. I first saw them earlier this year with Rev Theory right down the street. I liked the set once again. They come off harder in person than on their albums.

KBPI Mistletoe Jam

Rev Theory

This band is the reason I bought the ticket even though they were not the headliners. Seen them several times now, including once with Sydney. I keep being surprised that they aren’t being billed bigger but I guess they just haven’t broken through yet. They were supposed to be at the 5FDP show 2 months ago but I finally found out they pulled out due to a guitar player injury. So felt like I would make up for that tonight at this show.

KBPI Mistletoe Jam

Rich was his usual animated self with the fists and arm motions. I feel like these guys are locals. They gave a shout out to Willie B from KBPI. Apparently, he can just call them up and get them to come play. KBPI is special though. Its the ONLY channel I hear anymore that plays real metal and rock on the radio.

KBPI Mistletoe Jam

I love watching Rikki play the guitar holding it straight up like that. Its a cool move. I am always blown away by the talent of these guys. I love the music but I always just enjoy watching a band play live and perform.

KBPI Mistletoe Jam

A little crappy video of the first song of the night. They had the stage lights on and it was shining red all night right out into the first few rows of the crowd. Sucked for lighting.

Wayne Static

Static-X is on hiatus I guess so Wayne is by himself. I watch a few songs but then bailed out for the night satisfied with a great cheap holiday show.