Run: Green Mountain (6.02 mi)

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Up the front, down the back. Wore spikes for every step from Chat. Snow is beautifully setup now. Packed and tracked. Hiking was a bit harder today. Guess I am working again.

Green Mountain

So winter is here and I…didn’t hate it today. I flipped my mentality this week in advance of the new year. Gotta get moving on this training thing.

My Crosslites were soaked when I was done again. Happened at Chubby too. I think I am done with those shoes. Not planning on racing them in 2012. I need a new setup. 110s are going to be fun to try but I am not sure if I can go 100 in them. 50 in the 101s was enough. Will do some recon here shortly.

Left knee is still being a bitch. Its not stopping me. Its not getting worse. It just burns for a while and makes me worry about it. Changed insurance for 2012 so I can go see Jeremy for free next year. That ought to be a good thing.

Still explaining to people what a “Western States” is. My wife keeps telling me its not a big deal. She said she has to be the one to control the size of my head.

I went 6.02 miles with an elevation gain of 2,476 feet in 01:30:58, which is an average pace of 15:07. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.