Run: Green Mountain (6.08 mi)

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I have been bundling up for these hiking efforts because I don’t stay as warm as when running. However, today I was greeted with a little warmer temps and I appreciated that. Although, it didn’t last as I started winding up through the trails into the snow. Finally, put on my dull set of spikes for the last mile and … Read More

Then There Was Android

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After getting the iPhone app released, it was only a matter of time before the haters would start running their lips. “Can’t we get that on Android?”, they asked. Dang it. Why do we have to have choice in this world! So after failing miserably with the Android simulators, I bought myself an unlocked Android phone. Don’t need to call … Read More

Back For More

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It’s time to rise up, man up, get back up, never bend and won’t be broken Dust off and then come back for more You’ve gotta reach down, dig deep, and break ground, Show them all you won’t be beaten Brush it off and then come back for more! Come back for more It’s do or die! Time to settle … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (5.05 mi)

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Sort of a big day for those in the know. So I decided to continue my usual weekly routine and hike (not run) up Green. I have mixed emotions lately and I hoped that the trip to the mountain would reveal some inner secret or direction. I wanted the mountain to talk to me. Tell me what I should do. … Read More