Galloping Gobbler 4M 2011

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Distance 4M
Time 25:48
Pace 6:27
Rank 97 of 3075
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Galloping Gobbler 4M 2011

Back in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the holiday. Met up with Ward Moya to run the local turkey trot. 3,000 runners strong! Saw a few old faces there. Start got underway late. Boo. Basically, it was a lasso shaped course out through the big cemetery next to the university. Tried to take it steady for the first mile but then kind of felt it in mile 2. Mile 3 started picking back up and by mile 4 I was at my best pace of the day. Pretty close to a 5K PR in there I think. This isn’t my distance. Shows that I don’t know how to warm up properly. Maybe someday I will actually go to a track and find some speed. Would be nice to chop that pace down.

So Ward took me down but he is used to this thick air down here and clearly that was the advantage that he exploited on me today. Maybe some day we will do a thin air challenge and I can repay the favor.

I went 4.03 miles with an elevation gain of 98 feet in 00:25:52, which is an average pace of 06:25. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.