Run: Green Mountain (6.10 mi)

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More hiking.

OK, is this hiking shit supposed to feel like a workout? It did the first few times but now I am starting to think its a waste of time. I just don’t feel that cardio burn that I have come to love and hate. Whatever.

Nobody out today except OSMP dudes with chainsaws cutting down some trees on Greenman that fell in the route.

Conditions totally blow right now. Its pretty clean down low. Then up high you start getting patches of ice that seem just fine. Then suddenly, you lose your foot and you are ripping your back apart trying to stay upright. Then I slide on the spikes. Travel 50 feet. Take them off.

Will take a week off with travel but I hope that more snow shows up soon and gets rid of the ice. Its time to really winter run…almost.

I went 6.10 miles with an elevation gain of 2,482 feet in 01:38:01, which is an average pace of 16:05. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.