Longmont Turkey Trot 10k 2011

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Distance 10k
Time 42:31
Pace 6:51
Rank 61 of 556
GPS Analysis Garmin Connect

Windy. Fat. Slow.

I have skipped this race since it changed courses. I have had decent progress there but knew this year wouldn’t be the same. Simon came up and lightly guilted me into racing too. So it basically became a $20 tempo-ish run to see how things felt. It was another brutally windy morning in Colorado so that wasn’t going to help but also gave me an ample excuse to suck. At the start, I was all planning on running the first mile nice and easy but quickly found a bit of speed and moved through the crowd. By mile 2, my lack of speedwork since 2010 started to show. I am tired. A guy named Shane pulled up beside me and introduced himself as blog follower. I uttered out something to the effect of “I am tired”. We got relief from the wind at mile 3 and it really wasn’t a factor for the rest of the race. I found some quicker miles but then got really tired going into that final mile. Just had no gas and no desire to dig deep. Its a damn turkey trot. So I trotted it in.

Simon and I did a little cool down in which my left knee nearly had me unable to complete the whopping 1 mile distance. I was kind of afraid of a fast effort and hurting myself. I limped to the car and went home. That was my 10th 10k ever. I still don’t like them but they are much better than a 5k!

I went 6.27 miles with an elevation gain of 91 feet in 00:42:37, which is an average pace of 06:48. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.